Project: mOmni
Author: Tomasz Mosiej
App screenshots
MIDlet for Siemens phone is dedicated to execute generic tests which can be taken from XML file stored on phone or remote server(special internet sites ex. ). Exchange test files might be via IRDA or Bluetooth. Result of test might be send to tests site.

Simple Test Site: It is simple Test PHP script which send test to client base on user name.
To use this server just put in your Server-URL parameter:
and user "default" or user "quiz" | "java" | "java2". Or direct

How to make a new test file ?
It is easy just make a new XML file valid with TEST DTD

Tested on: Siemens emulators(MC60,M55) and phones (S55,M55).

Other: As XML parser it was used XML Pull parsera   license

Download MIDLet: on request